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We are a dedicated team of damp specialists in Leeds. Our investigative method begins with a comprehensive assessment of your property. It’s vital to us that we understand exactly wherer the problem is coming from before taking any action. Once we understand the root of the problem we can take action and advise our client with an effective and reliable solution. Our experts complete an investigation of the internal and external elevations, moisture generation elements and the installed ventilation measures that serve to control the internal atmospheric conditions.

Our clients vary from private homeowners, tenants and landlords. We have experience dealing with a range of different issues which our team has resolved. We are a trusted tradespeople who operate at an affordable price. Our clients are always kept in the loop regarding the exact cause of damp, condensation and mould in their property.

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Damp Specialists
Damp Specialists

Damp Services Leeds

Our Leeds based specialists have years of experience in providing reliable and comprehensive solutions. We really have seen it all and are able to diagnose issues quickly and accurately. We undertake a moisture profile of the structure, thermal imagery, salts analysis, gravimetric testing and where necessary, invasive checks to confirm the integrity of the structure.

We also conduct remote humidity monitoring to gain extensive data of the property that can be aligned to the reported issue.

We understand that having a damp, mould or condensation problem in your home can be stressful and upsetting. We work tirelessly to ensure you get back to normal as soon as possible. Our team keeps you updated with everything that’s happening so you can have peace of mind.

Damp Specialists

Case Study

An important case study in our Cornerstone history. One of our clients asked us to report a reoccurring damp problem in their lounge wall. This problem had already been investigated previous to Cornerstones arrival the previous year. Excessive structural works occurred to get to the root of it. This included floor uplift, forced drying, excavated drainage run to the exterior and redecoration. After all this the problem was still not resolved.

Damp Specialists

Our Damp Specialists Leeds

Our experts were asked to investigate after the damp problem reoccurred in the same spot. We work in accordance with our embedded expert process in order to finally find out the case for this issue.

We undertook a complete survey encompassing all possible non-invasive measure. There was no issue discovered in the building. It did not show an issue with any installed rain and wastewater elements that could be contributing to the localised damp area.

Damp Specialists

There was lots of staining found on the carpet and underlay. This and the recorded dry structure were closely inspected and it was revealed the staining was urine related.

After further discussion with the homeowner, it was discovered that their cat was actually urinating on the area.

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Speed & Urgency

We understand that this is an urgent situation. Our clients are always kept in the loop and updated with an accurate time scale of when things are happening. We work hard to get you property back to normal ASAP.


Minimising disruption

In this stressful time, we ensure any disruption is minimalised so you can get back on track as soon as possible.

Secondary damage prevention

Some of your property and personal effects may become damaged in the process. We do everything in our power to ensure any damage is minimalised.

Looking after interests

Any unaffected or specially cleaned items will be moved safely away from the site until the job is done. We ensure we preserve personal effects such as upholstery, artwork and documents.

Health & Safety

Safety is our main priority at Cornerstone. Our experts perform a comprehensive assessment of the property before taking the appropriate action.


We keep in regular contact throughout the restoration process. Our claims managers keep our clients updated with what’s going on. You can relax whilst we handle everything.


Do you have a problem with Damp in Leeds?

Everyday activities like cooking, showering and clothes drying are all causes of high levels of moisture in your property. Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. The air can’t hold the same amount of moisture, so is released onto the surface leaving it wet. Click here for more information about damp in your home.

Mould needs a food source. This can be common household materials like wallpaper, plasterboard, paint, some carpets, wood fabrics and other organic materials.

Mould is common in dark places like behind wardrobes. It doesn’t necessarily need darkness to grow.  It takes between 4-12 hours to begin the germination process and after this, it can take time for the mould to actually develop and create spores. It can take several days or 2 weeks to fully mature, depending on the mould type. Evidence of mould can include an unpleasant smell and black spores. Mould contains a variety of different health risks. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our damp specialists in Leeds today.

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Property Damp Services in Leeds

A tailored package designed to heal the source of the problem, empower landlords and prioritise occupant wellbeing.

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