Multi-Disciplined Approach to Damp Problem


A 1970’s detached property has suffered from a damp problem to a localised area of the structure over a number of years. Prior to the appointment of Cornerstone, extensive investigations and been undertaken by a variety of professionals without resolution.

Reason for contact:

To identify the source of the moisture affecting the structure.



A detailed investigation was carried out including full moisture survey, controlled access, on-site salts analysis, laboratory water analysis and thermography, followed by a multi-discipline review of results and Chartered Surveyor input.


Approximately 10 years prior to the investigation, remedial works were undertaken at the property following associated subsidence from intermittent external ground water in the area.

Results analysis successfully identified the source of moisture to be the failure of the DPM in the affected floor slab caused by the remedial works.



Following successful identification, further remedial works were undertaken to resolve the damp within the structure to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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