Repairs and Remediations

Property Repairs & Remediations

We acknowledge repairs and remedial works are key to ensuring a singular or ongoing issue is completed to the highest possible expectations.

Our remit is to assess in detail each issue and provide a bespoke report aligned to the necessary successful repair with this approach endorsed across all repair scales both minor and major in nature.

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Are you looking for a one-stop provider for effective property repairs?

Are you seeking independent credible trades to deliver peace of mind alongside skilled aspects of work?

Are you looking for a single-source expert that can manage the entire process from start to finish and issue all regulatory paperwork post works?

Are you seeking a reputable organisation who take responsibility for all operations and instigate timely support aspects should an issue be reported?

Are you looking for a company who will remain in contact with you throughout the process term and receive communications at a time to suit you?

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Repair & Remediation Services

Structural Damage Solutions

Expert assessments and repair services for properties damaged by structural issues, such as foundation damage and wall cracks, ensuring a safe living environment.

Subsidence Repairs

We provide professional solutions for properties affected by subsidence, identifying the underlying causes of the issue and providing appropriate repairs to stabilise the property.

Level Monitoring

Cornerstone provides accurate and reliable monitoring of water levels, ensuring optimal water management and preventing potential water damage.

Plumbing Repairs

We offer professional repair and maintenance services for a property’s plumbing system, including leak detection, pipe repairs and fixture replacements.

Electrical Repairs

Our experts provide a professional repair and maintenance service for a property’s electrical system, including lighting, plug sockets and other appliances.

Building Work Repairs

From minor repairs to major overhauls, our experienced building work repairs team have you covered with an array of long-term solutions.

Damp & Mould Removal

A comprehensive service to remove damp and mould from properties, identifying the source of the issue and using effective solutions to prevent further growth.

Odour & Smell Removal

Using expert cleaning and deodorising techniques, we’re able to eliminate unpleasant smells caused by smoke, mould, or other sources, leaving the property odour-free.

Drainage & Sewage Repair

Our experts are able to rectify issues within a property’s drainage system and sewage infrastructure, fixing and clearing any blockages, leaks and other problems.

Bio Hazard Recovery

The removal and cleanup of bio-hazardous materials, such as blood, bodily fluids, and other potentially infectious substances is required to be done in a safe and efficient manner.

Trauma Scene Remediation

Professional and compassionate cleanup services for properties affected by traumatic events, such as crime scenes or accidents ensuring a safe and clean environment.

Why Choose Cornerstone As Your Repairs & Remediations Partner?

Expert trades are utilised where necessary to uphold all regulatory compliance in line with their expert services. In addition, where Guarantees and Warranty records are applicable, these will be issued accordingly. One aspect of our process is to ensure each expert trade is retained within their defined service delivery with no overlap.

One aspect of our process is to ensure each expert trade is retained within their defined service delivery with no overlap. For example, a builder will not be utilised to dry a building. As your repairs and remediation partner, we help a range of clients and sectors including housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more so you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience to help overcome a variety of issues.

Management Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of remediation, restoration and repair services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.

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