Specialist Drying

Specialist Drying Experts For Properties

Although drying equipment is widely available covering a broad range of deployments, it is important that in certain cases lateral thinking of what is damaged and how drying regimes can impact businesses and occupants is established at the outset. This approach serves to demonstrate an awareness of all the drying equipment available today and their capabilities.

In many instances Cornerstone has deployed state of the art drying equipment designed to minimise destruction of building materials and the everyday use of affected locations.

State-of-the-art Drying Process

Our understanding of regime deployment and how materials behave when wet is embedded in our reporting process and clearly demonstrates our specialist restoration knowledge and professionalism.

This consistent approach serves to uphold our desire to minimise cost, impact on livelihoods, reduce alternative accommodation and where possible reduce the reinstatement requirements.

Specialist drying techniques include deploying containment areas, false floors, walls and utilising footprints of existing furniture to deploy discreet drying processes.

Specialist Drying Techniques We Deploy

Air movers and scrubbers

False walls and floors


Industrial driers

Our Specialist Drying In Practice

Case studies include a Michelin star restaurant that suffered a ‘black’ classification flooding incident only to be advised by a retained drying company that the restoration process would be 4 weeks in duration with the business closed during this period.

With a consequential significant loss of earnings on the horizon, Cornerstone were asked to give an opinion which resulted in false floors, sacrificial carpeting and boxed-in drying equipment being deployed overnight and the business continuing to trade throughout the 5 week drying period with no business disruption or loss of earnings for the restaurant and disturbance to the patrons.

Introducing Calculation Apps

With a proven track record of undertaking credible fact based damp related surveys for a host of clients from NHBC, to social housing to private individuals all looking for a clear and concise outcome to a reported problem, Cornerstone have consolidated their knowledge base and released three new app designs.

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ROI Calculator

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