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A provider of unique and effective Property Damage Investigations and Surveys
in addition to accredited Certification and Training.

Common Pain Points and Issues

Is your organisation in need of training for a range of problems such as damp, mould and atmospheric issues?

The requirement for training employees has been expressed by organisations who have identified goals for establishing a consistent and uniform knowledge base and approach to properties reported to be suffering damp and condensation issues.

With a recognised attention to detail and an informative transparent reporting style, it has become apparent for Cornerstone to offer bespoke training programs to organisations dealing with property defects or social housing stock issues on a consistent basis.

Are you looking for independent expert advice without trade influence?

Our independent consultancy service is being embraced by clients looking to secure the ‘peace of mind’ solution with prevailing issues aligned to managing rented properties. There has never been a more prudent moment with managing structural health and their impact on residents.

Are you seeking independent transparent reporting media that can be acted upon with peace of mind?

To date we have undertaken in excess of 3500 property surveys aligned to reported damp, condensation and mould issues. And, an assessment of the data showed that 94% of the properties were dry and hence the issue is likely due to a host of internal aspects that when combined, serve to enhance the reported result.

Our range of property surveys include topics such as; damp and mould, ventilation, drainage, structural and atmospheric.

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What We Do

Here at Cornerstone Professional Services, we pride ourselves on being able to offer independent, non-bias advice and investigative solutions for housing associations, local authorities and private landlords.

From using state-of-the-art equipment and speciliast knowledge to find the root cause of damp and mould in a property, to offering bespoke training and certification sessions, we help those who are looking for end-to-end solutions when they most need it.

About Our Professional Services

Adopting a myriad of advanced equipment and technical know-how to achieve a credible reporting outcome, our multi-disciplined approach enables us to perform the duties of a professional service supplier providing competent solutions for an array of industry sectors from typically Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Warranty Providers and Surveyors to Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

As an innovative forward thinking company, we have embraced technology to develop and deliver unique reporting protocols and measuring and monitoring equipment. Such an approach serves to reduce incident timescales and return quantifiable cost savings for both clients and customers.

Our Professional Services


If you’re looking for an independent, CPD accredited training provider that covers causes of mould, understanding atmospheric conditions and other structural issues, we can help.


There has never been a more prudent moment with managing structural health and their impact on residents – partner with Cornerstone as an independent consultancy.


A unique, bespoke certifiable process is available from Cornerstone to assess and certify elements that directly align with a healthy dwelling.


Our task is to certify and acknowledge retrofit improvements with understanding of key information for the landlord and residents in order to maximise the improvement aspect.


It is recognised that structural types all require bespoke assessments in order to maximise the decarbonisation and net-zero potential being sought after.


To date we have undertaken in excess of 3500 property surveys aligned to reported damp, condensation and mould issues across the UK.

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Professional Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of independent consultancy and training services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.



Management Services

Our unique model allows those looking for property damage investigations to work solely with our Professional Services in the first instance to find root cause problems, and if required, use our Management Services to restore and remediate these problems.

Introducing Calculation Apps

With a proven track record of undertaking credible fact based damp related surveys for a host of clients from NHBC, to social housing to private individuals all looking for a clear and concise outcome to a reported problem, Cornerstone have consolidated their knowledge base and released three app designs.

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ROI Calculator

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