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Mould and damp is a common problem experienced by many homeowners, landlords and housing associations, however finding the cause and fully investigating the mould issue before removal is crucial. If your property has poor ventilation, high humidity levels, excess moisture and water ingression, occupational activities such as drying clothes, cooking and bathing, these are signs of a persisting problem. An investigative approach is required to prevent mould spores from developing in the future, because if mould is removed, it will simply grow back in the affected area.

With over three decades’ of industry related experience, Cornerstone are experts in the removal of mould and fungal growth within UK properties, no matter how big or small. Our professional mould cleaning treatment services will involve the cleansing and disinfection of mould affecting surfaces using a variety of proven techniques and methods.

Damp and Mould Remediation Services

Damp and mould contamination can lead to severe health problems if not dealt with properly, and this involves with the initial root cause analysis of your mould growth, then the removal and treatment of the affected areas to ensure health risks are mitigated.

Our mould removal experts possess in-depth knowledge of the different mould types seen within properties, their growth patterns, and the most effective removal techniques to promote a healthy living environment. Cornerstone mould technicians are equipped with specialist equipment and tools such as our state-of-the-art air purifier units, air filtration systems and extractor fans, as well as necessary personal protective equipment.

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Our Approach to Mould Spores Removal


Mould and Damp Investigation

Bringing Cornerstone on board to undertake a damp and mould investigation will result in a site inspection and the provision of a clear, understandable and detailed technical report on the problem itself including a thorough and fact-based investigation into the root cause of your mould issue.

To assist the investigation process Cornerstone offer a Remote Monitoring service of internal atmospheric conditions. This, along with a detailed structural moisture survey, clearly identifies the existence of condensation, how your mould problem is primarily driven and if there are any supporting structural defects.


Mould Prevention Strategies

After an investigation to your damp and mould issues, we outline in your report a range of strategies to prevent further mould growth and techniques for condensation control. Our mould removal specialists provide independent and expert advice for both residential and commercial properties that are seeking ways on how to prevent damp problems and effective prevention measures.

We provide recommendations and offer solutions for improved ventilation, moisture control and insulation, whilst providing un-biased guidance on things such as building materials, condensation problems, techniques that help minimise mould and damp risks.


Mould Remediation and Removal

Each property is unique with their damp and mould problems, which means you may require a tailored removal solution. Cornerstone deploy a thorough mould removal service that targets mould-infested materials and indirectly affected areas using state-of-the-art technology and solutions.

We use the latest drying technology so that your property will be dried throughout, cross-contamination prevention of airborne mould spores and other techniques to clean mould within domestic properties and commercial premises.

Our Mould Removal Services

Cornerstone are enhancing change within the property damage management industry by developing restorative know-how and a Best Practice consistent approach to damp and mould issues.

Adopting a myriad of advanced equipment and technical know-how to achieve a credible way to get rid of mould, our multi-disciplined approach enables us to perform the duties of a professional service supplier providing competent solutions for an array of industry sectors from: Private Landlords, Homeowners, Warranty Providers and Surveyors to Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

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Did You Know?

​2 people active for 16 hours can produce 1.5 – 1.7 litres of moisture in the atmosphere and 4 – 5 people asleep for approximately 8 hours, generates between 1.3 – 1.6 litres.

Mould Remediation – FAQs

The majority of mould and damp problems can be left undiagnosed for an extended period of time which will ultimately lead to an unsafe living environment. The following FAQs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding mould and damp in properties, however it will give you a basic outline on how to approach condensation-related problems.

What causes mould to grow in properties?

Some mould damage will occur from building faults such as rising damp, wood rot, plumbing leaks and water ingress. Other outbreaks can be caused by human activity around the home such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes. Even small amounts of moist air can build up without proper ventilation that can allow condensation and damp to occur.

Mould will feed on cold surfaces such as wallpaper, adhesives, paints, fabrics and other materials in order to grow and reproduce and, some can take between 4-12 hours to germinate and 1-12 days for it to colonise the area, depending on the types of mould spores and the prevailing conditions.

How can mould be prevented in the future?

Poor maintenance of a domestic property or commercial premise is often the underlying issue, but ensuring you have effective ventilation in your home will stop or slow down a lot of the issues caused by daily life. Speak to our experts today to fully understand the current ventilation capabilities in your home. If the mould issue becomes severe and you are concerned, our property care specialists help you.

What are the health risks associated with mould?

Black moulds and other types of fungi that are left untreated can produce irritants; allergens; or toxins which can be hazardous to your health. Irritants are what they sound like – substances which irritate your eyes, skin, nose, or other parts of the body. Exposure to mould can also make some people, particularly people with a weakened immune system or pre-existing respiratory conditions, susceptible to developing symptoms over long-term exposure.

What to do if you have damp or black mould in your property?

Cornerstone has been dealing with mould and damp for many years and will be able to advise on the appropriate measures to get your property back to its former condition. We have a wealth of experience from a variety of different property issues so can create unique solutions to treat mould and ensuring minimal disruption.

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Damp, condensation and mould are symptoms of a more severe problem within your property. Using SMART knowledge, industry-leading experts and state-of-the-art technology, we can help with the removal of penetrating damp, black mould growth and other types of condensation problems. Whether you work in public sectors such as social housing for local councils to make sure you comply with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, or a private landlord that is legally bound to ensure the safety of their tenants from internal atmospheric issues, Cornerstone can help remove mould.

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If you need further information on damp, damp proofing or black mould problems, get in touch with our experts today.

Submit an enquiry form with our mould specialists

If you need further information on damp, damp proofing or black mould problems, get in touch with our experts today.

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