Damp and Mould: The preventable horror story

Many of us will have seen the recent ITV news headlines concerning the latest social housing provider Peabody and some of their tenants facing significant damp and mould issues.

Whilst the damage is clear in the images portrayed alongside the ultimate suffering of those having to live in such circumstances, what is not reported is the steps taken or to be taken with getting to the bottom of the likely causes of these profound examples.

It was alleged Landlords simply advised opening windows to alleviate the issue but, in reality, that can be regarded as a final proposition once all other contributory aspects had been reviewed.

Clearly, properties with water cascading into the dwelling should undergo immediate leak detection analysis to locate and isolate the cause. However, outbreaks of mould on surfaces takes time to become established and requires a prolonged period of supporting conditions for the growth to take hold.

Suffice to add, mould on contents items can be due to periods of elevated atmospheric moisture and not a damp structure. Therefore, the accurate assessment of structural and atmospheric management is vital in seeking a root cause and ultimately, the provision of credible guidance for tenants faced with such problems in their homes.

Our Property MOT® surveying process serves to provide a systematic approach to all building types including their construction, age and orientation as these elements alone can impact the internal environment.

Commencing with an assessment of structural integrity, the survey moves internally to conduct a moisture profile of the internal building fabric alongside an assessment of all elements installed to provide comfortable living conditions. The intention is to collate a unique set of data that when combined, will provide a likely cause based upon the supporting criteria.

The process will not only uphold compliance with the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 but, with an embedded SMART Knowledge base, will advocate the provision of pertinent data to tenants for a healthy home environment.

The Property MOT® is a process designed for all interested parties to learn and undertake with our continued support at a convenience to suit the demand and, Certify the Property Health condition of reported problem properties.

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