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If you suspect you may have a water leak through your flat roof’s membrane, it’s important to find and repair as soon as possible. With the short term stress of water seeping through causing wet patches, to the long term consequence of damp and mould, a water leak within your roof’s membrane can cause hidden damages to your property if not dealt with appropriately.

With state-of-the-art roof leak detection equipment alongside 30 years of experience, Cornerstone offer an independent, non-bias service for electronic integrity testing and all other roof membrane waterproof testing methods to ensure the structural and waterproofing integrity of your flat roof.

Flat Roof Leak Detection Services

Surveying and testing your roof’s membrane ensures its structural and waterproofing integrity, giving you confidence that it remains in a safe and operational condition. Utilising non-invasive methods that are completely unbiased, you can be sure that we provide accurate tests and surveys for your flat roof.

When it comes to finding leaks within your roof membrane, our capable team and network of specialist leak detectors play a crucial role in achieving the best possible outcome. Working alongside insurance companies, housing associations and private landlords, Cornerstone can effectively find the source of water leaks for flat roofs as well as providing comprehensive solutions to repair the issue in a cost-efficient manner.

Bringing Cornerstone on board to undertake roof membrane water leak tests, will result in a thorough and detailed solution. Utilising over 30 years of experience alongside specialist equipment and techniques, Cornerstone are the go-to specialist flat roof testing service in the UK.

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Our Roof Membrane Testing Services

Cornerstone is at the forefront of change in the property damage management field, utilising advanced restorative techniques and maintaining a consistently high standard in roof membrane tests and surveys, exemplifying the embodiment of Best Practice.

Our deployment of cutting-edge equipment and extensive technical expertise allows us to establish a reliable methodology for detecting leaks in flat roofs. Our versatile approach positions us as a trusted service provider, offering effective solutions to a wide range of industry sectors, including insurance companies, loss adjusters, private landlords, homeowners, warranty providers, surveyors, housing associations, and local authorities.

  • Comprehensive roof membrane testing package
  • Emergency response team
  • Established experts with over 30 years experience
  • National coverage
  • Electronic integrity testing

Did You Know?

A 0.5mm sized water leak in a flat roof could lose 20 litres of fluid every hour, causing considerable damage to your property.

Roof Membrane Testing – FAQs

The following FAQs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the testing and surveying procedures for flat roof membranes, however it will give you a basic outline on how to approach its waterproof capabilities and structural integrity.

What is roof membrane testing?

Roof membrane testing is the process of evaluating the integrity, durability, and performance of roofing membranes, often used to ensure the waterproofing and overall quality of the roof.

How do you test waterproofing membranes?

Each situation brings its own problems, which is why we use a diverse range of testing methods for roof membranes. Some methods can involve: electronic leak detection, thermal imagery, dye testing, salts analysis amongst others.

Why is roof membrane testing important?

Roof membrane testing helps identify any weaknesses or defects in the roofing system, allowing early detection of potential issues to prevent leaks, water damage, damp and costly repairs.

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Trusted Flat Roof Testing & Surveys

Using our SMART knowledge, a team of industry leaders, and the latest technology, we’re ready to test the integrity of your roof membranes. Whether you’re in the insurance industry or a private landlord, Cornerstone is here to conduct flat roof testing and surveys across the UK.

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If you need further information on roof membrane testing, get in touch with our experts today.

Submit an enquiry form with our specialists

If you need further information on roof membrane testing, get in touch with our experts today.

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