Independent Certifications & Assessments

Our experience endorses the assessment of proposed structural improvements to structures and their environments. However, this has also indicated many instances of adverse effects due to the suggested ‘improvement’ being detrimental to either other installation performances or indeed, the occupants.

How Can We Help?

Are you looking for a unique flexible process your staff can train for and adopt ?

Are you looking for a reliable certifiable framework for managing stock types and resident behaviour?

Do your team want to learn more and know why and how the data is interpreted?

Do your team wish to fully embrace the metering equipment and their meanings?

Would adopting a trend platform with certifiable endorsements uphold your compliance with the provision of a Uniform Framework (Ombudsman Report Oct 2021)?

Would certifying the health of a structure at the start of a lease term and, during a lease term upholding the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 be a requirement for you?

If you answer


to any of these, call us now for a no obligation quotation

Our Certifications

Installation Effectivity

Rigorous testing against published standards alongside un-biased validation and assessments, creates a comprehensive certification package to satisfy legal guidelines.

Internal Atmospheric Containment

If you’re looking for an independent certifier for internal atmospheric containment activities, our assessors offer a package for both the private and public sectors.

PropertyMOT Certification

As an accredited CPD provider we have created a four-hour workshop designed to outline key elements and certification of the four Property MOT®.


MoistureMOT Certification

Our accredited CPD training providers outline the key elements and certification of the Moisture MOT® so that you leave with knowledge on moisture problems.

VentilationMOT Certification

Training and certification for the Ventilation MOT® allows your employees to gain access to industry-leading knowledge and expertise for damp and mould problems.

Why Choose Cornerstone as your Independent Certification Partner?

A unique Certifiable process is available to not only determine the existing situation with either an installed entity or indeed the resultant atmospheric management. But moreover, it is now possible to assess and certify elements that directly align with a healthy dwelling.

Cornerstone use state-of-the-art equipment to determine the health of a property as well as providing comprehensive certifications upon completion.

Professional Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of independent consultancy and training services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.

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