What our customers say about us

  • Cornerstone is not a typical drying contractor as they are continually improving their knowledge base and employ the most up to date techniques both to measure moisture and to remove it.

    They are extremely passionate about their work and know from experience that they are thorough, skilful and above all an honest practitioner. Andrew Dallen had an involvement in a textbook I put together in 2009, in which he helped me understand a number of the drying techniques they use.

    I have also been involved with Andrew in undertaking building inspections. Like myself, they use a huge range of inspection equipment – from borescopes and endoscopes to thermal imaging equipment and the best moisture meters and accessories available on the market and, like myself, he is intensely curious. There are few textbooks on the subject of dampness investigation and precious little nationally funded research. We are both therefore pioneers in this difficult and challenging field.

    - Ralph Burkinshaw

  • When LHT decided to take a more scientific approach towards diagnosing dampness, we needed recognised experts in the field to help and support us in our new direction. Cornerstone met all our requirements and were pivotal in helping drive forward our award winning initiative.

    We asked them to design a series of modular training sessions using a range of technical equipment that was both taught in the classroom and in the field, based on our requirements. The programme they delivered was extremely well received by our Technical Staff. It was informative, interesting, well researched and presented by professional people at the top of their game. The sessions were richly enlivened by numerous examples from the Presenters’ personal experience and the “science” elements were delivered at the right level. The modular design of the sessions also enables us to pick modules off the shelf for future staff.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Cornerstone.

    - Les Greene

  • I have used Cornerstone regularly for investigations over the past 6 years. The reports are comprehensive, the service friendly and the costs reasonable.

    - Graeme Dewar

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