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The Property MOT® consists of an array of unique services which revolutionise your property management by completing a non-invasive assessment on every aspect of your home. Consisting of the Ventilation MOT, Moisture MOT, Insulation MOT and Atmospheric MOT.

A unique and proactive damp, condensation and mould causation surveying process.

The Property MOT® solution embraces the proven knowledge and services of Cornerstone Professional Services (UK) and brings together key elements designed to impart credible fact-based information pertaining to the health of a structure and ultimately, its occupants.

This unique surveying process is like a Health or Vehicle MOT in that it is a recognised planned or periodic assessment designed to provide a moisture related survey of a structure whereby, following a detailed exterior and interior assessment of the property with any advisories noted and acted upon, a ‘Certificate of Condition’ can be issued.

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Our Property MOT’s Available.

Moisture MOT

The Moisture MOT® solution embraces proven knowledge and understanding of moisture in buildings pertaining to the accurate determination of current atmospheric conditions.

Ventilation MOT

Cornerstone recognise the majority of reported damp, condensation and mould issues relate significantly to the control of atmospheric moisture in a dwelling.

Property Analysis Model

The Property MOT® embraces industry recognised data/parameters to carry out an analysis of the property including Geographical location and UK Mean Temperature data from the Met Office in order to align its UK site to the expected construction behaviour.

A pre-set defined surveying process serves to acquire credible fact based data through all areas of a property with an interactive acknowledgment of existing and potential conditions.

Algorithms within the Property MOT® align to recognised British Standards including BS 5250:2002 Code of Practice for control of Condensation in Buildings. Annex B – Moisture generation and ventilation in occupied buildings.

A unique component of the Property MOT® is the ability to undertake accredited training with the D.A.M.P Alliance to secure a certified CMOTS qualification enabling interested surveyors to undertake the Property MOT® surveys. All data submitted by an accredited surveyor is analysed by the receiving SMART Portal with certificates and applicable advisories issued back to the surveyor for distribution to their clients.

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Property Management

A SMART way to manage and maintain properties utilising a user-friendly yet Technically advanced system.


Expert Analysis

All surveys are assessed by experts at Cornerstone, founder members of the Property Health Alliance in accordance with all current regulatory requirements.


MOT Certificate

Once a survey has been completed and assessed an MOT certificate is issued complete with Advisories to either act upon or consider for future compliance.

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Reporting Outcomes

The Moisture MOT® is analysed within a SMART Portal and onboard Knowledge Base whereby the collected data is uploaded and reviewed alongside predefined parameters as mentioned.

Professional Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of independent consultancy and training services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.

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