Bespoke pricing solutions based on your requirements and scale of work

The Property MOT® platform offers bespoke pricing solutions based on your requirements and work level.

One of our trained Property MOT® consultants, backed by the Property Health Alliance will work with you to determine the scope required to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of service for the best value throughout the license period.

Regardless if you have one property, a growing property portfolio or you are a Housing Association, the Property MOT® is for you.

If you would like to get a quote or would like more information regarding our services, please feel free to contact our team.

Benefits of Property MOT

  • A credible support mechanism for upholding the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018
  • Accredited training for Housing Provider Staff to engage with the process
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data capture
  • Provides Historical Stock and Tenant Activity Data
  • Provides trends with stock types, geographical locations and structural behaviour
  • Approved User login protocols
  • Sequential Data Capture process
  • Time and cost-effective decisions
  • Focussed Expenditure
  • Cornerstone experts remain partners on an annual basis supporting anomalies with surveying equipment, their interpretation and the provision of a first class service for assisting complex issues.

Add number of homes to be MOT surveyed


Add who will undertake MOT surveys. Consider any split number to equal number of homes


Add previous spend on disrepair cases including legal fees, repairs and settlements


Add projected saving for a return on investment to gauge credible cost saving potential

Reporting outcomes

The Property MOT® platform offers bespoke pricing solutions based on your requirements and work level.

Each Property MOT® is analysed within a SMART Knowledge Base Portal where the data is uploaded and reviewed using expert algorithms. Any recorded anomalies can be assessed within the SMART Knowledge element whereby expert advice and guidance can be readily gleaned for actioning.

Reporting outcomes

The Property MOT® survey cost is a varied entity dependent upon the surveyor conducting the process.

It is recognised trained and accredited persons can undertake the Property MOT®’s and to that end, the charge accrued supports an ongoing support mechanism for the surveying parties and a fee is included for the production and submission of the Certificate of Condition with appropriate Advisories.

A cost calculator has been derived whereby the simple addition of Property MOT® surveyors to be trained, MOT types and quantities are entered to generate a chargeable sum for the applicable training and annual support investment. This simplistic input will generate investment levels based upon an array of timelines for either each survey or each property.

The calculator can also indicate the likely return on investment for those Housing Providers looking to reduce the overall spend on current Disrepair claims and, with the focussed investment, the pay-back period can be created.

Professional Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of independent consultancy and training services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.


The PropertyMOT® survey consists of an array of unique services which revolutionise your property management by completing a non-invasive assessment.

Moisture MOT

The Moisture MOT® solution embraces proven knowledge and understanding of moisture in buildings pertaining to the accurate determination of current atmospheric conditions.

Ventilation MOT

Cornerstone recognise the majority of reported damp, condensation and mould issues relate significantly to the control of atmospheric moisture in a dwelling.

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