Fire and Smoke Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration Experts

We fully understand that when a property has suffered fire and smoke damage, this can be a very traumatic time as your home no longer feels the same. Plus, if you have to move into temporary accommodation, this can introduce uncertainty and doubt. It is our aim to clean up and restore your home to pre-fire condition, with as little additional disruption as possible and we will focus our efforts on clearing up and helping you to return your home as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, fire damage results in a wide range of severity – from minor soot and smoke damage to complete structural damage of the building and its contents.

At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on our fire restoration services where our fire damage experts carry out the necessary inspections to fully understand the extent of the damage of a property and put together an immediate and timely plan of the fire damage cleanup and restoration process to ensure the work is undertaken as quickly as possible.

Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

As an independent provider of fire damage restoration services, we understand that no two incidents of fire, smoke and heat damage are the same – the overall damage sustained is always different, however our experts recognise that the professional manner and approach of the damage management practitioner must be the same for all cases.

The primary fire damage restoration process is to return the damaged property to its pre-existing condition. Some of our fire and smoke cleanup services consist of carpet cleaning, odour removal and work to prevent further structural damage to the property – this is without compromising the environment and health and safety. Our fire and smoke cleaners also minimise resultant secondary damage and ensure we work within a pre-specified timescale and costs, so that insurance companies and loss adjusters can get the tenants back in to their property quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Why Choose Our Fire Restoration Services

Our Fire Damage Restoration Process and Approach


We consider the structural integrity of the property

We will not enter the property without the consent and instructions that the property is safe from the local authorities and emergency services.

Structural damage can be caused by fires, and without a structural evaluation, you must not enter the estate. Please be conscious of your environment and wear personal protective equipment if you have permission to enter the affected areas.


We consider your electrics

A property damaged by fire is at high risk of having issues with the electrical system. We suggest that you have your electrics inspected by a skilled specialist at the first chance.

Failure to evaluate the system and take any measures needed to make the system safe could lead to a secondary fire.


Safety first

A lot of chemicals and smoke particles are released into the atmosphere when a fire happens.- these chemicals are extremely hazardous and are going to be absorbed into your lungs. Fire damage needs early attention from the expert to minimise the harmful effect and keep in line safety standards.

The result of the fire and release of chemicals in the soot (where particles have settled) and the smell (where particles stay in the air and in textiles) and these are likely to have traveled throughout the property and will now reside in any cracks and crevices.

Our Fire Damage Cleaning Services

  • Emergency call out – electrics assessments / boarding up
  • Structural cleaning – preventing secondary damage
  • Structural drying – dealing with the extinguishing of a fire and the reactive outcome with soot particulate
  • Smoke odour removal – specialist tools and rapid response
  • Fabrics and general contents – dry cleaning to off-site storage
  • Specialist assessments of contents – fine art / document retrieval and storage / period furniture
  • Full reinstatement (reconstruction) – where requested

Cornerstone’s Fire Damage Cleaning and Restoration Specialists’ primary objective is to deliver a 24 hour emergency fire damage restoration service to domestic and commercial properties.

Our team have in excess of 30 year’s experience dealing with fire mitigation and restoration for insurance companies, loss adjusters and private tenants.

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