Who We Work With

Who Cornerstone Work With

We acknowledge that property damage management is a wide-spread issue within the UK, which is why we work within the public and private sector helping provide long-term solutions to a myriad of problems.

From mould investigations to restoring fire-damaged homes, property surveys to extensive training and certifications, we have a team of experts in their respective fields to address your property’s issues.

Who We Partner With

Loss Adjusters

Partnering with our property damage company, loss adjusters in the UK gain access to a vast network of skilled contractors and specialists. We handle all aspects of damage mitigation and restoration, allowing adjusters to focus on the intricacies of claims assessment and settlement, ultimately expediting the entire process.

Insurance Companies

We empower insurance companies with advanced technology and expertise. Our cutting-edge assessment tools and data-driven approach, enable insurers to accurately evaluate property damage claims. This ensures fair settlements and minimises disputes, improving the overall claims handling experience for both insurers and policyholders.


Cornerstone assist NHBC in upholding its commitment to quality construction in the UK by addressing property damage promptly and effectively. Our thorough damage assessments and rapid restoration services ensure that NHBC’s builders and homeowners receive the support they need, reinforcing NHBC’s role as a trusted warranty provider.

Chartered Surveyors

Chartered surveyors find essential support with us. We assist in comprehensive property assessments, aiding surveyors in accurately identifying and documenting damage. Our detailed reports facilitate informed decisions, enabling surveyors to provide expert advice to clients, enhancing their professional reputation.

Housing Associations

For housing associations, Cornerstone serves as a trusted partner in maintaining their properties. We offer a range of services, from assessments to restoration, allowing housing associations to focus on their mission of providing safe and comfortable housing for their occupants.

Borough Councils

Cornerstone serves as a reliable partner for borough councils, enabling them to fulfil their responsibilities to the community. We streamline property damage management, ensuring that council-owned properties are maintained, as well as residents being satisfied, and free from potential health risks within their home.


Looking for peace of mind when buying your new dream home? Our experts uncover structural issues, water damage, or other concerns within your new property, enabling buyers to negotiate repairs or price reductions. Providing impartial and independent findings, we help you avoid costly surprises.

Home Owners and Landlords

We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy and safe property for occupants, which is why when home owners and landlords are looking for a reliable and independent property damage company, Cornerstone are your go-to option. Our extensive network of professionals and cutting-edge technology allows us to address a wide range of issues in properties.

Home Owners & Landlords
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