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If you have experienced the unfortunate circumstance of suffering from fire, flood or any other type of property damage, then some of your personal items and specialist contents may have been damaged too. Whilst some objects can be replaced, other items with a high value or sentimental significance, should be considered for restoration during this stressful time. If you have contents insurance, we partner with loss adjusters to restore your items under a policy claim, alternatively, we provide private solutions too.

Items such as antique furniture, watches, jewellery, artwork, books, documents and other specialist contents can be restored with the right approach. When it comes to restoring specialist contents, our capable team and network of specialist conservators play a crucial role in achieving the best possible outcome. We can effectively restore materials that have suffered from water and fire damage, ensuring they’re brought back to their former glory in a cost-efficient manner.

Specialist Contents Damage Services

The restoration of specialist contents, including fine art, antique China, musical instruments, and precious metals, presents distinct challenges – each case has its own unique circumstances, with different causes and extents of damage. Failing to address the restoration correctly can lead to additional long-term expenses and distress.

The initial trauma of suffering from fire or water damage can be extremely difficult, however the restoration process needs to be carried out effectively – smells and odours from smoke can linger as well as the potential for mould growth and bacterial infestation from floods can be the consequence if not restored effectively.

Bringing Cornerstone on board to undertake specialist contents rest0ration solutions, will result in a thorough and detailed repair solution. Utilising over 30 years of experience alongside specialist equipment and techniques, Cornerstone are the go-to specialist contents restorative service in the UK.

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Our Specialist Contents Restoration Services

Cornerstone are enhancing change within the property damage management industry by developing restorative know-how and a Best Practice consistent approach to specialist contents restoration.

We deploy advanced equipment and comprehensive technical knowledge to establish a credible method for restoring specialist contents. Our multi-faceted approach positions us as a professional service supplier, delivering competent solutions to a variety of industry sectors, including insurance companies, loss adjusters, private landlords, homeowners, warranty providers, surveyors, housing associations, and local authorities

  • Comprehensive specialist contents restoration package
  • Emergency response team
  • Established experts with over 30 years experience
  • National coverage
  • Specialist knowledge and equipment

Did You Know?

Water saturated items provide excellent environments for mould and mildew to flourish with some moulds able to generate growth in just 48 hours given ideal conditions.

Specialist Contents Cover – FAQs

Specialist contents cover within insurance policies can be quite complex, so it’s best to do your research first. The following FAQs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the fallout from fire or flood damage in properties, however it will give you a basic outline on how to approach things such as artwork, jewellery and other insured perils.

What is specialist contents restoration?

Specialist contents restoration is a process used to restore and salvage valuable, damaged, or contaminated items, often after events like fires, floods, or mould infestations.

When is specialist contents restoration needed?

It’s necessary when valuable possessions, documents, or sentimental items have been affected by disasters or environmental factors, and traditional cleaning methods may not be sufficient.

What types of specialist items can be restored?

A wide range of items, including electronics, textiles, furniture, artwork, photographs, documents, and more, can be restored through this specialised process.

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Trusted Specialist Contents Restoration Service

Through the application of SMART knowledge, industry-leading professionals, and advanced technology, we’re equipped to restore your unique possessions that have been impacted by fires, floods, or property damage events. Whether you’re part of the insurance sector or a private landlord, Cornerstone is here to restore damaged items across the UK.

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If you need further information on specialist contents restoration, get in touch with our experts today.

Submit an enquiry form with our specialists

If you need further information on specialist contents restoration, get in touch with our experts today.

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