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When undertaking surveys aimed at factually determining root causes of damp, mould and condensation in properties, one of the key assessments is the current performance of an existing vent unit in a kitchen or bathroom installed to deal with the removal of moist air.

If the Air Flow Rate is understood alongside the size of the room it resides in, the performance of a unit can be determined. Cornerstone’s Air Flow Calculator App provides a performance indicator for the installed ventilation unit.

This prominent factual calculation is used to provide effective data for typically homeowners, landlords and tenants when trying to understand issues of high humidity and associated mould. The real-time data has been proven to be empowering by providing a clear understanding of a fan units ability to control internal atmospheric moisture levels.

Calculate On The Go

Cornerstone’s ‘Air Change Calculator’ App is an easy and convenient way to get air change calculations for installed fan units whilst onsite.

The App calculates the air changes per hour required for a room or allows users to measure an installed vent to calculate if it is adequate for the current space.

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