Mould Investigation for 1930’s Property


The tenants of a 1930’s property within a flood area, but who were not directly flooded, reported extensive mould growth. A claim was made and builders attended the property confirming it has been affected and would require extensive stripping and drying etc. An estimated cost of £45,000 was accepted by the insurers.

Reason for contact:

The appointed Loss Adjuster reviewed the builders report and insurers estimate and decided to seek a second opinion as to the stated cause of mould.



A detailed technical assessment was made of the property utilising a variety of surveying techniques including moisture mapping, atmospheric moisture levels and thermography.


From the instigative information gathered, it was clear the structure was dry. The damp proof course was also functioning preventing ground water from entering the structure. Psychometric readings in conjunction with the thermal imagery clearly indicated the mould present in the structure was being caused entirely through condemnation driven by tenant activity.



The report was sent to the Loss Adjuster detailing the findings. The claim was subsequently repudiated.

Cost of investigative report: £800

Cost saving to the insurance company: £45,000

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