Housing Technology: Keeping Covered – Monitoring Tenant Activities

Smart home devices are predicted to represent a £347 billion market by 2019. But connected homes aren’t all about smart phone-controlled TVs – they are already providing housing providers with new ways to maintain their properties and avoid tenant disputes.

It has never been more important for housing providers to be better aware of their responsibilities as well as their rights. For those with tenants living in shared buildings, a duty of care to ensure that fellow residents do not compromise each other’s safety and security needs to be allied with a determination that tenants uphold their end of the bargain when it comes to being accountable for their own actions.

For example, take the case of suspected illegal activity. There are rarely instances when the monitoring of tenant activity by means of CCTV within a property would be justified; that would usually be confined to communal areas. Imposing Big Brother-style monitoring inside a property can constitute a criminal offence. If illegal activity was suspected inside a property, the conventional course of action would be to contact law enforcement agencies…

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