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If you have discovered mould growing in your wardrobe, damp patches on your ceiling or anything else related to poor ventilation within your property, our damp and mould specialists based near Birmingham can help.

Cornerstone delivers a comprehensive solution encompassing both the identification of the root cause of damp and mould through our expert diagnosis and investigation team, and the provision of damp proofing and mould removal services across the city. With over thirty years of experience in damage mitigation and determining the sources of damp and condensation, we utilise advanced technology and equipment to restore your property to its optimum condition

Mould Damage Specialists Birmingham

With our experience in the private sector providing urgent support systems, and in the public and commercial sectors delivering complete damp proofing services in Birmingham, we emphasise the importance of a healthy living space. Damp and mould, if neglected, can cause serious health issues, which makes addressing them crucial for your family’s wellbeing

In order to resolve the damp related issues, it’s important to have as much information as possible about the damage before the investigation is undertaken. Cornerstone complete a thorough check of your property and prepare a report using our specialist PropertyMOT software which provides you with credible information needed in order to take the right course of action – our experts act rapidly and provide comprehensive treatment to all types of mould.

Our Approach to Damp and Mould Issues in Birmingham


Mould and Damp Investigation

Bringing Cornerstone on board to undertake a damp and mould investigation will result in a site inspection and the provision of a clear, understandable and detailed technical report on the problem itself including a thorough and fact-based investigation into the root cause.

To assist the investigation process Cornerstone offer a Remote Monitoring service of internal atmospheric conditions. This, along with a detailed structural moisture survey, clearly identifies the existence of condensation, how it is primarily driven and if there are any supporting structural defects.


Prevention Strategies

After an investigation to your damp and mould issues, we outline in your report a range of strategies to prevent further growth and techniques for condensation control. Our damp specialists provide independent and expert advice for both residential and commercial properties in Birmingham that are seeking ways on how to prevent damp problems and effective prevention measures.

We provide recommendations and offer solutions for improved ventilation, moisture control and insulation, whilst providing un-biased guidance on things such as building materials, condensation problems, techniques that help minimise mould and damp risks.


Remediation and Removal

Each property is unique with their damp and mould problems, which means you may require a tailored removal solution. Cornerstone deploy a thorough mould removal service in Birmingham that targets mould-infested materials and indirectly affected areas using state-of-the-art technology and solutions.

Using off-the-shelf ‘mould removal’ products will not prevent mould from growing in the future, which is why you should look for comprehensive Birmingham damp proofing specialists to offer a solution that will remove it for good.

Did You Know?

​2 people active for 16 hours can produce 1.5 – 1.7 litres of moisture in the atmosphere and 4 – 5 people asleep for approximately 8 hours, generates between 1.3 – 1.6 litres.

Mould Remediation Birmingham – FAQs

It’s common for mould and damp challenges to stay hidden for a long time, which can lead to unsafe living areas. The FAQs provided here are merely the surface level of the broader subject of mould and damp in Birmingham. However, they will give you a basic framework for handling condensation-related problems.

How does mould grow in properties throughout Birmingham?

Some mould damage will occur from building faults such as rising damp, wood rot, plumbing leaks and water ingress. Other outbreaks can be caused by human activity around the home such as bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes. Even small amounts of moist air can build up without proper ventilation that can allow condensation and damp to occur.

Mould will feed on cold surfaces such as wallpaper, adhesives, paints, fabrics and other materials in order to grow and reproduce and, some can take between 4-12 hours to germinate and 1-12 days for it to colonise the area, depending on the types of mould spores and the prevailing conditions.

How can you prevent damp and mould in your Birmingham home?

Poor maintenance of a property is often the root cause problem, but ensuring you have effective ventilation in your home will stop or slow down a lot of the issues caused by daily life. Speak to our experts today to fully understand the current ventilation capabilities in your home. If the issue becomes severe and you are concerned, our property care specialists help you.

What to do if you have damp or mould in your property?

Cornerstone has been dealing with mould and damp in the Birmingham area for many years and will be able to advise on the appropriate measures to get your property back to its former condition. We have a wealth of experience from a variety of different property issues so can create unique solutions for your issues and ensuring minimal disruption.

Do you provide a range of mould, damp and condensation services in Birmingham?

Yes, we provide a range of mould, damp and condensation services in Birmingham. Utilising a nationwide network of surveyors, removers and mitigators, Cornerstone are able to provide an all-encompassing package to those in areas such as:

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Trusted Damp & Mould Company in Birmingham

Damp, condensation, and mould are not just problems in themselves but symptoms of larger issues in your property. Cornerstone employs SMART knowledge, industry-leading expertise, and modern technology to solve various issues, such as penetrating damp and black mould growth. Our services are invaluable for those in the public sector, including social housing providers for local councils under the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018, and private landlords responsible for maintaining safe internal atmospheric conditions for their tenants.

With over 3000 damp surveys undertaken in recent years, our fully trained experts are proud to offer an independent, comprehensive solution in Birmingham and surrounding areas! We’re also passionate on educating people in Birmingham about the root cause, common problems and how to effectively deal with it through our training sessions.

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If you need further information on damp, damp proofing or mould problems in your home, get in touch with our local experts today.

Submit an enquiry form with our mould specialists in Birmingham

If you need further information on damp, damp proofing or mould problems in your home, get in touch with our local experts today.

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