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    A provider of unique effective Claim Solutions, Property Damage Investigations and Training

  • Extensive Property Damage Investigations.

    A tailored package designed to heal the source of the problem, empowering landlords,
    housing associations and loss adjusters in order to prioritise occupant wellbeing.

  • Emergency Support System.

    Providing emergency support for a range of insured perils such as
    Fire and Smoke Damage, Flood Disaster Recovery, Damp & Mould Remediations and more.

  • Transparency For All Parties.

    Cornerstone utilises the latest technologies alongside a multi-disciplined approach
    that ensures a fully transparent process for all parties involved.

Common Pain Points and Issues

Are you looking for a one-stop provider of cost-effective property claim solutions?

If contents are damaged, we have the expertise to assess each item with fact-based ouctomes aligned to resultant decisions concerning their repair or disposal.

Our property claim solutions involve anything from fire and smoke restoration to specialist drying, so you can be sure Cornerstone can help.

Are you searching for a single point of contact for all aspects of a reinstatement process to fulfil your requirements?

Our network embraces all trade aspects necessary to fulfil everything from a minor repair to a reconstruction project. Having a single-source contact serves to enlighten interested parties of progress alongside the provision of timely responses to noted queries.

Are you seeking a reputable organisation who take responsibility for all operations and instigate timely support aspects should an issue be reported?

One aspect of our process is to ensure each expert trade is retained within their defined service delivery with no overlap. For example, a builder will not be utilised to dry a building.

As your repairs and remediation partner, we help a range of clients and sectors including housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more so you can be sure we have the knowledge and experience to help overcome a variety of issues.

Repairs & Remediations


Is your organisation in need of training for a range of problems such as damp, mould and atmospheric issues?

The requirement for training employees has been expressed by organisations who have identified goals for establishing a consistent and uniform knowledge base and approach to properties reported to be suffering damp and condensation issues.

With a recognised attention to detail and an informative transparent reporting style, it has become apparent for Cornerstone to offer bespoke training programs to organisations dealing with property defects or social housing stock issues on a consistent basis.


Are you looking for independent expert advice without trade influence?

Our independent consultancy service is being embraced by clients looking to secure the ‘peace of mind’ solution with prevailing issues aligned to managing rented properties. There has never been a more prudent moment with managing structural health and their impact on residents.

Are you seeking independent transparent reporting media that can be acted upon with peace of mind?

To date we have undertaken in excess of 3500 property surveys aligned to reported damp, condensation and mould issues. And, an assessment of the data showed that 94% of the properties were dry and hence the issue is likely due to a host of internal aspects that when combined, serve to enhance the reported result.

Our range of property surveys include topics such as; damp and mould, ventilation, drainage, structural and atmospheric.

If you answer


to any of these, call us now for a no obligation quotation



Management Services.

Adopting a multi-disciplined approach that involves state-of-the-art equipment and technical know-how to achieve a credible reporting outcome, our property management services enables us to perform the duties of a professional service supplier providing competent repairs and fixes for an array of industry sectors from Insurance Companies to Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

Cornerstone Management Services.

Repairs and Remediation Services.

Insured Perils

If contents are damaged, we have the expertise to assess each item with fact-based outcomes aligned to resultant decisions concerning their repair or disposal.

Repairs & Remediations

We acknowledge repairs and remedial works are key to ensuring a singular or ongoing issue is completed to the highest possible expectations.

Leak Detection

We provide an extensive leak detection service that utilises a wide variety of testing procedures and equipment to identify, track and expose sources of exposure.

IoT Monitoring

As an independent surveying and consultancy service, the adoption of IoT sensor technology serves to provide data that may not be readily apparent during a short-term survey.


With insurable damage sustained to properties throughout the UK, it is a clear understanding an all-encompassing reinstatement network is key to upholding timely solutions.

Claim Support Platform

Cornerstone have demonstrated a clear understanding of insurance claim reporting protocols with a unique administrative process that delivers transparency for all parties.

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Cornerstone Management Services



Professional Services.

Utilising a myriad of advanced equipment and experienced know-how to achieve a substantial reporting outcome, our multi-disciplined approach enables us to perform the duties of a trusted service supplier providing thorough investigative solutions within properties across the UK.

Cornerstone Professional Services.

Investigation and Analysis Services.


If you’re looking for an independent, CPD accredited training provider that covers causes of mould, understanding atmospheric conditions and other structural issues, we can help.


There has never been a more prudent moment with managing structural health and their impact on residents – partner with Cornerstone as an independent consultancy.


A unique, bespoke certifiable process is available from Cornerstone to assess and certify elements that directly align with a healthy dwelling.


Our task is to certify and acknowledge retrofit improvements with understanding of key information for the landlord and residents in order to maximise the improvement aspect.


It is recognised that structural types all require bespoke assessments in order to maximise the decarbonisation and net-zero potential being sought after.


To date we have undertaken in excess of 3500 property surveys aligned to reported damp, condensation and mould issues across the UK.

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Cornerstone Professional Services

About Cornerstone.

A provider of unique effective claim solutions, property damage investigations and training. Our service extends across providing emergency support for fire and smoke damage, water ingress and flood disaster recovery to determining root cause of evident property damage.

With over thirty years’ experience in the property damage industry sector, Cornerstone offer a level of expertise endorsed with clear and concise reporting protocols that exceed the demand for clarity and understanding of reported property issues.

Introducing Calculation Apps.

With a proven track record of undertaking credible fact based damp related surveys for a host of clients from NHBC, to social housing to private individuals all looking for a clear and concise outcome to a reported problem, Cornerstone have consolidated their knowledge base and released three new app designs.

What Our Customers Say About Us.

Cornerstone is not a typical drying contractor as they are continually improving their knowledge base and employ the most up to date techniques both to measure moisture and to remove it.

They are extremely passionate about their work and know from experience that they are thorough, skilful and above all an honest practitioner. Andrew Dallen had an involvement in a textbook I put together in 2009, in which he helped me understand a number of the drying techniques they use.

I have also been involved with Andrew in undertaking building inspections. Like myself, they use a huge range of inspection equipment – from borescopes and endoscopes to thermal imaging equipment and the best moisture meters and accessories available on the market and, like myself, he is intensely curious. There are few textbooks on the subject of dampness investigation and precious little nationally funded research. We are both therefore pioneers in this difficult and challenging field.

- Ralph Burkinshaw

When LHT decided to take a more scientific approach towards diagnosing dampness, we needed recognised experts in the field to help and support us in our new direction. Cornerstone met all our requirements and were pivotal in helping drive forward our award winning initiative.

We asked them to design a series of modular training sessions using a range of technical equipment that was both taught in the classroom and in the field, based on our requirements. The programme they delivered was extremely well received by our Technical Staff. It was informative, interesting, well researched and presented by professional people at the top of their game. The sessions were richly enlivened by numerous examples from the Presenters’ personal experience and the “science” elements were delivered at the right level. The modular design of the sessions also enables us to pick modules off the shelf for future staff.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cornerstone.

- Les Greene

I have used Cornerstone regularly for investigations over the past 6 years. The reports are comprehensive, the service friendly and the costs reasonable.

- Graeme Dewar

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