Local Authority Landlords

Property Reinstatements

With a myriad of insurable and accidental damage sustained to properties throughout the UK, it is a clear understanding an all-encompassing reinstatement network is key to upholding timely solutions. Such works involve a host of structural and building aspects and applicable trades, hence a consolidated framework serves to reduce the timelines aligned to each key specific service.

It is recognised certain expert services incorporate respective Guarantee and Warranty term policies. These will be issued where they are applicable.

Cornerstone Training

The requirement for training employees has been expressed by organisations who have identified goals for establishing a consistent and uniform knowledge base and approach to properties reported to be suffering damp and condensation issues. With a recognised attention to detail and an informative transparent reporting style, it has become apparent for Cornerstone to offer bespoke training programs to organisations dealing with property defects or social housing stock issues on a consistent basis.

Typical training programs consist of a theory based presentation in line with pre-agreed expectations and site visits to encompass practical issues with the prescribed use of measuring equipment purchased by the client.

Subjects Available Include:

  • Causes of Mould
  • Identifying the differences between condensation & Structural damp
  • Understanding atmospheric conditions
  • Understanding moisture origins
  • Determining and understanding equipment readings

Independent Consultancy Service

Our independent consultancy service is being embraced by clients looking to secure the ‘peace of mind’ solution with prevailing issues aligned to managing rented properties. There has never been a more prudent moment with managing structural health and their impact on residents.

Our independency supports a proven advisory approach working alongside clients and their existing contractors and employees to uphold a defined learning platform for all with ‘better decision making’ a key service enhancement.

Independent Certifications & Assessments

Our experience endorses the assessment of proposed structural improvements to structures and their environments. However, this has also indicated many instances of adverse effects due to the suggested ‘improvement’ being detrimental to either other installation performances or indeed, the occupants.

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Independent Retrofit Service

We recognise the Retrofit journey is designed to embrace property improvements resulting in a healthy environment for all occupants and their families. However, existing evidence suggests that not all retrofit processes have delivered the expected outcomes such that, a number of re-retrofits have had to be concluded.

It is fully understood that key experts are embraced by the process and indeed are skilled in their service delivery. However, our drive is to certify the Impacts of each best-intended installation since a key fact with any new structural aspect is, what is the impact on existing elements including heating, ventilation, air distribution and occupancy?

Decarbonisation & Net-Zero Journeys

With the UK having the oldest social housing stock through the European region, it is recognised the structural types all require bespoke assessments in order to maximise the decarbonisation and net-zero potential being sought. It is understood the current level of knowledge generally aligns to having to retain heat in a property in order to reduce the potential of heat loss in line with reducing the overall cost and use of energy aspects.

However, with a myriad of building styles, periods, ages and construction materials, this journey cannot be driven by the defined approach to simply insulate all homes.

Independent Property Surveys

To date we have undertaken in excess of 3500 property surveys aligned to reported damp, condensation and mould issues. And, an assessment of the data showed that 94% of the properties were dry and hence the issue is likely due to a host of internal aspects that when combined, serve to enhance the reported result.

Our approach upholds a ‘bespoke assessment protocol’ such that even if the issues are repetitive, the survey will pertain to the structure under review only. However, a number of surveys also serve to deliver trend information should an important aspect be determined that could be replicated in similar property styles and geographical orientations.

Professional Services FAQ

Cornerstone offer a range of independent consultancy and training services bespoke for housing associations, loss adjusters, private landlords and more, but you may have some further questions to fully establish what can be done in the selected property.

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