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At Cornerstone, our team of damp specialists in Southampton undertakes investigations to advise credible solutions for your property. We perform a detailed assessment of the structure with a comprehensive evaluation of the internal and external elevations, moisture generation elements and the installed ventilation measures that serve to control the internal atmospheric conditions.

Our clients include private homeowners, tenants and landlords seeking a reliable fact-based report clarifying the causes of damp, condensation and mould in their properties.

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Damp Specialists
Damp Specialists

Damp Services Southampton

Our team of damp specialists in Southampton are dedicated to providing expert services and have over three decades of combined experience in diagnosing condensation, mould and damp issues in Southampton. Our approach involves a detailed investigation through the property, which typically incorporates a moisture profile of the structure, thermal imagery, salts analysis, gravimetric testing and, where necessary, invasive checks to confirm the integrity of the structure.

To assist in understanding the internal environment, we also conduct remote humidity monitoring to gain credible data of the dwelling that can be aligned to the reported issue.

Cornerstone understands this can be a stressful situation and therefore will keep you informed at all stages of the investigation and pride ourselves on delivering the outcome sought by the customer when faced with a situation nobody wants in their homes. Click here to understand how mould can damage your health.

Damp Specialists

Case Study

Cornerstone was asked to investigate the history behind a reported damp ingress issue with the lounge of a well-decorated home. The damp issue had previously been investigated one year prior to our attendance with structural works having been undertaken including floor uplift, forced drying, excavated drainage run to the exterior and redecoration undertaken in an attempt to resolve the matter.

Damp Specialists

Following a reported return of the damp within the same corner of the lounge, Cornerstone were appointed to conduct a thorough investigation in accordance with our embedded expert process in order to finally solve the cause for the reported issue.

The detailed survey encompassing all possible non-invasive measures did not indicate an issue with the building. And moreover, it did not indicate an issue with any installed rain and wastewater elements that could be contributing to the localised damp area.

Damp Specialists

With repeated staining to the carpet and underlay being evident and the recorded dry structure, a section of the carpet and underlay were closely inspected and the staining was found to be urine related.

Further discussions with the homeowner confirmed the presence of a pet and their own monitoring confirmed the area was being defaced by their cat.

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Speed & Urgency

We keep you in the loop by giving you an accurate timescale throughout the process. Our focus is to get your property back to pre-incident condition ASAP.

Minimising disruption

We ensure that any disruption to your life and routine is minimalised. This means you can relax and get back on track.

Secondary damage prevention

There is a chance that soot particles can affect your property and personal effects in a smoke-damaged property. Our expert technicians will do everything in their power to limit any secondary damage to your home.

Looking after interests

At Cornerstone, we ensure that all your items are taken care of. We store unaffected and specially-cleaned items safely away from the site until your property is ready. Our team are dedicated to minimising the loss of items such as upholstery, artwork and documents.

Health & Safety

Your safety is of vital importance to us. Our team make a vigilant assessment on your property before taking the appropriate action.


We focus on communication throughout the restoration process. Our dedicated claims managers will keep our clients updated every step of the way, from the initial evaluation to completion.

Mould and Damp Damage in Southampton

Everyday activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes can all cause high levels of moisture in your property. When moist air comes into contact with a cold surface the air is unable to hold the same amount of moisture, so it is released onto the surface leaving it wet. This is when condensation occurs.

Mould needs a food source, which can be common materials found in the home – such as wallpaper, plasterboard, paint, some carpets, wood fabrics and other organic materials.

Mould is common in dark areas, such as behind wardrobes, but doesn’t actually need darkness to grow. It takes between 4-12 hours to begin the germination process and after this it can then take time for the mould to actually develop and create spores. Depending on the type of mould which is growing, it can take several days or up to two weeks to fully mature. Mould can leave an unpleasant smell and you should notice the black spores as they develop.

If you have any queries or have a damp or mould problem in your home, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Southampton damp specialists team today.

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Property Damp Services in Southampton

A tailored package designed to heal the source of the problem, empower landlords and prioritise occupant wellbeing.

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