Why it’s essential to hire a specialist company after a flood


After a flooding, some business owners decide to undertake the clear up themselves and refrain from hiring a specialist company to help. However, this can have some negative effects on the building and the company, so why is hiring a specialist company important? See our Flood Damage Restoration page for services.

Money and time costs

Undertaking the restoration yourself, taking time away from your own work and buying all the materials needed will likely cost you more than hiring a company to do the work for you. Equipment used in flood restoration is heavy duty and specialised machinery, therefore unless you know exactly what you are doing and what the equipment is capable of, it is best to hire professionals that can complete this work safely and successfully. Restoration can take a lot of time and resources to complete, hence using a company that will likely require a number of workers undertaking the process with state of the art equipment, will keep the time taken to restore your building to a minimum.

Noticing other problems

When a building has been flooded there are often a lot more problems that come along with it and with some you might not be able to notice from just looking around. Professionals will know how to spot and search for other damages such as mould. If this goes untreated it can cause health problems or further damage to your business down the line, therefore spotting these other issues is vital. A professional restoration company will have the resources to detect and eliminate these contributory problems, as well as dealing with the initial flooding.

Business can carry on as usual

With some companies, like Cornerstone false floors, walls and boxed-in drying equipment being deployed means businesses are able to get back to work as quickly as possible, reducing the potential for many weeks business disruption. This unique approach helps keep businesses on track after they have experienced a difficult time. Therefore we recognise that when your office is damaged in a flood it can be very stressful for employees and business owners and that using a specialist company can help take the pressure off and get your company back up and running as quickly as possible.

At Cornerstone we fully understand how traumatic flooding events can be and the destruction it causes, and therefore we strive to be transparent in our decision making. We ensure our seamless process incorporates front-end client or policyholder interaction to confirm loss identification and any consequential health & safety issues. And, during the restorative period, the office based team will undertake pre-agreed channels of communication to ensure the client or policyholder are kept fully informed and that expectations are met.

Our unique surveyor–led system guarantees a uniform approach to affected materials and processes in accordance with Cornerstone Method Statements, reducing restoration timescales and returning quantifiable cost savings for both our clients and customers.

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