High Net Worth Client Faces Serious Water Damage


A high net worth property suffered a large scale water loss over a number of days whilst the policyholder and housekeeper were absent from the premises. Affected areas included the first floor bathroom, adjoining bathroom, large utility area to the ground floor, basement fitness studio, changing areas and large internal swimming pool.

To assist the process, Cornerstone instructed one of its approved Chartered Surveyors to provide a combined approach to the affected high net worth structure. A detailed survey of the property was undertaken to establish the affected structural extent, develop a restorative drying schedule, identify required enabling works and project manage the restoration works through to reinstatement.



Drying equipment was installed to mitigate the loss and prevent secondary damage. Containment was also installed to isolate the affected structural elements from the unaffected areas of the property. The moisture survey and detailed moisture map clearly defined the damaged finishes to the three storey structure. Trapped moisture was identified and exposed in conjunction with the compilation of a full schedule of enabling and focused strip out works.

These were undertaken in such a manner as to prevent the need for additional works post drying of the structure and proper to reinstatement. The drying process utilised a combination of desiccant and refrigerant equipment deployed to achieve the best results in conjunction with containment tenting to focus he drying activity.



Through proactive close monitoring, the affected areas were returned to a pre-loss moisture level condition within the initially estimated drying times.


With detailed Chartered Building Surveyor involvement working in conjunction with drying specialists, a tightly controlled drying process and timely associated enabling works culminated in a high specification restoration project delivered expediently and within budget.

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