Grade 1 Listed Hall Experience Complex Loss


A Grade 1 listed timber-framed medical hall dating from 1320 suffered a significant escape of water from a storage tank in the loft area. Extensive damage was noted to the loft, soles area, period bedrooms and ground floor period library dating from the 1500s. Due to the structural status, English Heritage and Local Authority representatives were involved throughout the restoration process. Many of the materials affected by the loss were deemed extremely sensitive to the affects of moisture and over-drying.

Cornerstone was appointed to provide emergency mitigation of the onsite conditions, protect sensitive content and prevent further damage. An in-depth moisture survey was undertaken mapping the extent of moisture penetration into the structure. It also detailed the materials affected, providing recommendations with regard to sensitive drying requirements together with a detailed plan of action for the drying process and associated enabling works.


Cornerstone was onsite within two hours of being appointed. Approximately 500 valuable books were off site and in cold storage within the first day to inhibit mould activity preventing further damage. Atmospheric conditions were taken under control with the installation of hygrostaticaly-controlled dehumidification. Following the development of a detailed scope and action plan with interaction from all interested parties, a drying process was established and enabling works agreed.



Cornerstone managed the enabling works and drying process of the restoration project. The majority of the structure was saved, being dried back to the pre-loss condition determined by control readings taken in unaffected areas of the structure. Only one badly affected ceiling was lost and a small section of circa 1320 timber framed walling required intervention as this area was found to have been restored many years prior to the loss with insensitive materials.


The policyholder remained in the property during the works and was involved in all communications throughout the restorative period. Interested third parties commented upon the professionalism and integrity of the Cornerstone-led restoration team and their ability to demonstrate a tailored and unique approach to the affected location.

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