£25,000 Cost Saving for Insurance Company


An investigation by a third party doing contractor reported a long-term leak from the washing machine to the kitchen area had affected the majority of a high value stone floor slab of a high net worth client.

They stated the drying process would involve the uplift and removal of the stone floor throughout the grand floor and alternative accommodation for the insured.

Reason for contact:

The appointed Surveyor dealing with the claim requested verification of the report and confirmation of the most appropriate drying process to save the unique floor style and secure residency for the insured.



A detailed technical assessment of the ground floor identified that the affected area was contained to the rear extension only and did not affect the majority of the ground floor as originally reported. The technical assessment also identified that an ongoing escape of water from the ground floor toilets adding to the moisture load in the affected area.


A drying process was established with the kitchen units raised to accommodate the suction system whilst remaining in full use. The policyholders home office was relocated within the unaffected area of the property ensuring business continuity.



The delighted policyholder said:

“Considering the nature of the works required the inconvenience to our normal living conditions was very small”. The term “exemplary” was quoted when describing the works undertaken.

Enabling works and trying charges: £4,700

Cost saving to the insurer (estimated, A.A, storage, new flooring and decoration etc): £25,000

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