Yorkshire Flood

The Yorkshire flood

People in Yorkshire have been forced out of their homes as flash flooding sweeps the streets with residents left shaken after the deluges of water flood roads and their homes. The met office has issued a yellow warning meaning The National Severe Weather Warning Service has deemed the situation as severely bad and could directly affect people in the designated area. The Met Office is monitoring the developing situation and recommend residents be aware of the weather and keep an eye on the forecasts. Yellow warnings mean the weather could change or become worse over the coming days.

A whole months’ worth of rain fell in just four hours with roads closed and a bridge near Grinton collapsing under the strain.  The fire station in Leyburn was particularly affected, becoming completely flooded as all crew members were called out for flood-related emergencies. Over this period the services had 165 flood-related calls and had to pump water from brand new houses where some of the residents had been living there for only two months.

Many local businesses were also affected by the intense flooding with local businesses forced to cancel future bookings and Pubs flooded leaving business owners devastated. Thankfully there’s been no serious injuries.

It wasn’t just the rain that was devastating Yorkshire. Hailstones the size of boiled sweets resulted in some people sustaining minor injuries. The stones have however damaged roofs and caused power failure resulting in a big impact on the current tourist season in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire has truly banded together to support each other in light of this disaster with an army of volunteers helping to clear houses and roads. Councillor Stuart Parsons has described the relief campaign as a need to support victims who have “lost everything and while they are waiting for insurance to come through.” Everyone has been encouraged to donate cash, food, bedding and supplies to help victims of this chaotic time.

At Cornerstone, we understand how much of a tough situation dealing with flood damage can be and, with our comprehensive service and dedicated claims managers, we ensure you will receive the best attention at this traumatic time. We maintain regular communication with you throughout so you can understand our processes and have peace of mind.

If you have experienced any flood damage please get in contact with our dedicated team for more information here.

12th August 2019

Can condensation cause health problems?

What is condensation?

Condensation is moisture from everyday living such as breathing, washing and cooking that attaches itself to cool surfaces and occurs where there is insufficient ventilation to handle the activities in the building.


Is condensation harmful for your health?

In small amounts most people should be fine but if condensation is allowed to build up and mould begins to form, those who already suffer from health issues may suffer further issues. Some people will experience cold-like symptoms as a result of condensation and, where there is a lot of condensation and mould, more serious conditions can develop.

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19th June 2019
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Fact or myth – rising damp

Fact or myth – rising damp

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18th June 2019

Ten ways to stop condensation on walls

What is condensation?

Condensation happens in every home and shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s allowed to build up. In simple terms, it occurs when warm moist air comes in contact with a cold surface. As the air cools it is unable to hold the same amount of moisture, releasing it onto the surface. It can happen in summer but is more common in the winter. This is because people want to heat their homes and keep windows shut resulting in reduced ventilation. Continue reading →

18th June 2019

How to prevent mould in wardrobe

How to prevent mould in your wardrobe

Mould is good for a few things but when it affects your house and furniture, it isn’t a welcome guest. No matter how clean your home, there are various causes which allow mould to develop, and the effects are irritating. Here are some tips on mould prevention, with a particular focus on wardrobes and the contents inside. Continue reading →

18th June 2019
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