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Leak DetectionCornerstone provides a hi-tech leak detection service that utilises a wide variety of testing procedures and equipment to identify, track and expose sources of moisture in structures.

We recognise that leaks can be extremely difficult to detect and that subsequent disruption can be very costly.

Non-destructive leak detection utilising industry leading technology and many years expertise, we use Non-Destructive leak detection methods to identify and track a hidden leak to minimise any excavations and associated costs.


Our nationwide detailed moisture surveys utilize various detection methods including:

  • Moisture Mapping
  • Thermal imagery
  • On-site salts analysis
  • Void and pipe work CCTV inspection
  •  Acoustic Surveys
  • Tracer gas leak detection methods
  • System pressurization tests
  • Water chemical analysis & comparisons
  • Dye testing etc.


Leak DetectionOperating in both the Commercial and Domestic environments, we recognise each bring challenges and more importantly, their own disruption to everyday lives and business operations.

Within the Domestic arena we recognise our services can be settled through Household Insurance Policies that have Trace & Access cover applying. We advise all customers of this possibility prior to commencing any investigation.

Within the commercial sector we can provide a detailed quotation for our investigations and align any works to minimise potential business disruption. We also offer our clients Damp Investigations and Specialist Drying.

If you would like more information or would like a quote regarding our Leak Detection Service , please feel free to get in touch.

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