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3 new Apps; designed to raise the standard of Damage Mitigation and Restoration.

Apps to empower landlords and occupants

With a proven track record of undertaking credible fact based damp related surveys for a host of clients from NHBC, to social housing to private individuals all looking for a clear and concise outcome to a reported problem, Cornerstone have consolidated their knowledge base and released three new app designs.

These apps are designed to allow end users to understand more about the key factors relating to the prevailing conditions in occupied or unoccupied properties and make sustainable conclusions to uphold optimum internal atmospheric conditions.

The apps will serve to empower landlords and occupants with credible information pertaining to the existing ventilation measures in their properties with an emphasis on how to deal with instances of elevated conditions that could otherwise lead to secondary issues.

Air Flow Calculator
Air Flow Calculator

Cornerstone have released a new App that provides an on-site performance indicator for the installed ventilation unit providing a time in minutes to achieve one complete air change.

This prominent factual calculation is used to provide effective data for typically homeowners, landlords and tenants when dealing with areas of high humidity and, the real-time data has been proven to empower occupants with knowledge of unit performance they can adopt to enhance their internal atmospheric conditions.

Humidity Calculator (Basic)
Humidity Calculator (Basic)

A new Humidity Calculator App provides a clear graphical display with data entry that indicates the difference in moisture load in the property in accordance with BS 5250:2002 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings: Annex B Moisture generation and ventilation in occupied buildings.

Humidity Calculator (Pro)
Humidity Calculator (Pro)

The Pro version of the Humidity Calculator adopts the same features as the Basic, but unlocks additional features including, the ability to carry out calculations on multiples rooms at one time and export results to CSV.

Cornerstone recognise the importance of understanding the data levels both internally and externally is vital in understanding the amount of moisture in the air at a given time.


Having worked with all property based industries for almost a decade providing credible survey solutions to wide ranging interested parties, Cornerstone are delighted to release these apps that embrace their knowledge and serve to enhance the awareness of the end users when dealing with potential damp related problems. Cornerstone’s range of apps offer a multitude of benefits including:

Based on BS5250 : 2003 Standards
View results instantly
Export results to CSV / Email
Calculate humidity of multiple rooms
Clear graphical display
Created by industry experts
Easy to use interface
Internal vapour compared to exterior
Prevent damp, condensation and mould
Calculate "on the go"


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Cornerstone’s service extends across providing emergency support for fire and smoke damage,
water ingress and flood disaster recovery to determining root cause of evident property damage.

With over thirty years’ experience in the property damage industry sector,
Cornerstone offer a level of expertise endorsed with clear and concise reporting protocols that
exceed the demand for clarity and understanding of reported property issues.

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About Cornerstone

Cornerstone are enhancing change within the property damage management industry by developing restorative know-how and a Best Practice consistent approach to affected structures. Through clear and concise factual reporting data, historical buildings, sensitive materials, cutting edge and innovative constructions, continued occupation and business disruption are some of the challenges Cornerstone has overcome to ensure deliverable solutions.

These Apps are a product of the company’s passion and drive; each designed to raise the standard of Damage Mitigation and Restoration.

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