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Calculate atmospheric conditions for multiple rooms with the Humidity Calculator Pro App.

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When assessing internal atmospheric conditions in a property, it is important to understand the prevailing conditions that could lead to persistent high humidity and ultimately mould, should adverse conditions prevail.

Cornerstone’s Humidity Calculator (Pro) will provide a clear graphical understanding of the atmospheric moisture conditions through a number of areas within the property compared to the exterior conditions as detailed in BS5250:2002. This will give a strong indication as to the influence the occupants are having on the internal conditions in specific areas.

As well as providing the graphical interpretation, the app also provides additional calculated data such as the Dew Point Temperature (Temperature at which condensation will form), Specific Humidity (weight of water in the air) and Vapour Pressure (the pressure generated by the absorbed moisture) etc in defined internal rooms. The supplied data will provide a clear understanding of the atmospheric conditions at the time of surveying. Understanding atmospheric moisture is key in understanding mould activity.

The Humidity Calculator (Pro) App provides a clear graphical display with data entry that indicates the difference in moisture load in the property in accordance with BS 5250:2002 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings: Annex B Moisture generation and ventilation in occupied buildings.

Armed with this fact-based data provision, consideration can be given to the existing internal vapour pressure when compared with the exterior.

Calculate humidity of multiple rooms
Clear graphical display
Created by industry experts
Easy to use interface
Internal vapour compared to exterior
Prevent damp, condensation and mould
Export results to CSV / Email
Based on BS5250 : 2003 Standards
View results instantly
Calculate "on the go"

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