Fire and smoke restoration and cleaning services in Manchester

At Cornerstone, we recognise the effects of a fire can continue long after the flames are extinguished and, even the smoke can cause lasting damage to a building, let alone the effects of the flames. It is important to understand the dangers a building can contain that has suffered a fire incident and what subsequent actions should be taken to restore the building to its pre-incident condition.


Dangers of fire and smoke damage

  • Fires can cause structural damage to a property, so you must ensure the building has been approved for re-entry by a member of the fire department, before anyone steps back inside.
  • The electrics in a building can also be compromised and these are to be tested by a professional before use to avoid further incidents.
  • Even a small or nearby fire can affect the whole house and, although physical damage from the fire itself may be localised to one area of the building smoke and soot can travel to a host of other areas and will also need detailed and systematic attention.
  • Smoke and soot saturation in textiles, walls, flooring and upholstery can leave behind acidic chemicals as well as a strong odour. If left untreated, this can ‘eat’ into materials making its removal and redecoration difficult.
  • The property may have also suffered damage from water or chemicals used to extinguish the fire, and this will have to be dealt with as well.


Specialist services in Manchester and the surrounding areas

If you need help dealing with damage to your property after a fire, our specialist restoration and cleaning services in the Manchester area can help. Contact us today and we can assess and advise the best course of action to get your property back to its pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. Our team uses advanced restoration techniques and cleaning equipment to provide an efficient and professional service ensuring your property is in good hands.


Our fire and smoke restoration service includes:

  • Emergency call out, with electrics assessments and boarding up of windows and doors to make the property safe, as well as keeping out the weather.
  • Structural cleaning of the property to prevent secondary damage.
  • Structural drying to deal with any water or chemical damage used to extinguish the fire and reactions from soot particles.
  • Restoration of possessions, such as fabrics and the general contents of the building, including dry cleaning and off-site storage until they can be returned to the property.
  • Assessments of contents by a specialist for properties that include fine art, important documents etc. that need considered retrieval and storage along with any period furniture items.
  • Full reinstatement (reconstruction) in the property where requested and agreed.


We deliver a 24-hour emergency fire and smoke damage restoration service in Manchester and the surrounding areas, for commercial and domestic properties. Our team has over 30 years’ experience with fire mitigation and fire and smoke restoration, so you’ll be in safe hands with us.


If you need more information on our services or how we can help you with your restoration requirements, please contact our team today and we will do everything we can to help get you and your property back on track.

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