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cornerstone-fire-restoration-smoke-damageCornerstone recognise two incidents of Fire, smoke and heat damage occurrences are not the same in terms of the overall damage sustained.

We do recognise however that the professional manner and approach of the damage management practitioner must be the same.

The primary restoration objective is to return the damaged property to its pre-existing condition without compromising the environment and health and safety, resultant secondary damage and within a pre-specified timescale and costs. In order to restore the property to its pre-incident condition, quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, professional fire restoration is essential.


Fire damage results in a wide range of severity – from minor smoke damage to the complete and total destruction of a building and its contents.

A technically competent person should undertake a series of different inspections to build up a true representation of the loss.

Used by the major insurance companies in the UK

Cornerstone can provide a professional evaluation and report for fire restoration or replacement with associated costs for damaged structural and contents materials typically based on the resultant surfaces conditions, post-fire conditions and any pre-existing conditions.

Our service delivery encompasses:

  • Emergency call out – electrics assessments / boarding up
  • Structural cleaning – preventing secondary damage
  • Structural drying – dealing with the extinguishing of a fire and the reactive outcome with soot particulate
  • Fabrics and general contents – dry cleaning to off-site storage
  • Specialist assessments of contents – fine art / document retrieval and storage / period furniture
  • Full reinstatement (reconstruction) – where requested

Cornerstone’s Fire Restoration and Damage Specialists’ primary objective is to deliver a 24 hour emergency fire damage restoration service to domestic and commercial properties. Our team have in excess of 30 years experience dealing with fire mitigation and restoration.

“I have used Cornerstone regularly for investigations over the past 6 years.  The reports are comprehensive, the service friendly and the costs reasonable.”

Graeme Dewar – Chartered Surveyor – Director BSc (Hons) MRICS MaPS – GD Surveyors Ltd - September 2017

Fire Damage Safety Guide

Safety First. Have the electrics been affected? As in water affected properties, the electrical system can become potentially unsafe. Have the system checked at the earliest opportunity by a Qualified Electrician. Appropriate action should be undertaken to make the system safe as failure to do so can cause secondary fires and electrical shock.

Safety First It is important to understand that as a result of a fire, many chemicals are released into the atmosphere. These can be very harmful and it is important to understand that the cocktail of molecules you can smell is being absorbed into your lungs. The very nature of fire damage is such that it requires specialist early attention to minimise the damage impact. Soot is likely to have travelled throughout the property and found its way into structural voids.

We recommend the area is vacated immediately in advance of restoration activities. Our services uphold all relevant Health & Safety standards and legislation and provide a safe environment for property owners to work in or visit and discuss the progress of works.

Odour Elimination The key objective for a fire restoration contractor in a fire or smoke damaged property in addition to removing the contamination, is to successfully eliminate any lingering odours from the structure. Smoke will travel into voids and penetrate absorbent materials in the property and remain in the building until confidently dealt with. Odour elimination is an ongoing process undertaken throughout the property and, in many cases, specialist treatments are required to achieve a successful outcome.

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