Flood Damage Restoration

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Water Damage

Flood Damage Restoration

Water and Flood Damage Restoration Experts

We understand how traumatic it can be for those whose homes have been affected by flood and water damage. Our dedicated claim managers make sure that you receive the very best care, throughout the flood damage restoration process.

We maintain clear channels of communication, making sure that you are kept fully informed and aware of timescales during our cleanup process.

Our approach is to ensure the affected home and property is safe for all the family including any pets. We can advise about alternative accommodation if needed. However, we will do everything in our power not to further disrupt your daily lives, should you choose to stay in the property during the flood restoration and repair period.

The potential loss of personal effects is always a concern and that is why we focus on minimising your risk of losing precious and sentimental items

Our highly skilled technicians use advanced drying techniques that will restore the water damaged areas and will also serve to reduce the risk of secondary damage such as mould. If your property has suffered water damage and you would like an assessment, feel free to speak to one of our team today. We have a 24-hour emergency claim process and can provide estimations of the damage, any safety risks and likely timescales for the necessary works and cleanups.

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Speed & Urgency

Our aim is to get your property back to a pre-incident condition as soon as possible. We give our customers accurate timescales on how long the entire process will take.

Minimising disruption

We will do everything in our power to limit the disruption to the occupants’ lives and routines.

Secondary damage prevention

Our technicians will do everything they can to limit secondary damage to your home. In the case of a flooded property, there is a chance that mould can affect your home and personal effects.

Looking after interests

We take appropriate actions to look after your items, we will store unaffected and specially cleaned items off-site until the structure is ready. We will do everything in our power to minimise the loss of items such as upholstery, artwork and documents etc.

Health & Safety

Making sure that the occupants are safe is of paramount importance to us. We will make assessments on the condition of your property and will carry out appropriate actions.


Keeping open lines of communication is key to our restoration process. We have dedicated claims managers that will update our customers at every step of the restoration process. From initial assessments to completion, you will always be in the loop.

Flood Damage Restoration

Our approach to Flood Damage Safety Control

When you experience a flood in your home, your first consideration must be safety.

  • Check the electrics

    Water can seep through walls and cracks and make your electric system potentially unsafe. Have the system checked at the earliest opportunity by a Qualified Electrician. In the worst case scenario, the electrical system might require the repair of a ‘temporary electrical supply board’ to allow electrical functionality in the property. This would normally be installed close to the existing consumer unit.

  • Sewer or storm water

    Sewage or drain water can contain contaminants which are harmful. If anybody living in the property has a low immune system, consider moving them temporarily to a safe location. If only a small area of the home is damaged, consider closing off and avoiding the area and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination to other areas of the house until repair. Depending on the level of contamination, cleaning should be completed by professionals and the cleanliness confirmed with appropriate testing.

  • Where has the water gone?

    Escaping water always takes the path of least resistance and will, therefore, travel into areas that might not be noticeable straight away. The cause of the leak or flood must be addressed and fixed prior to undertaking any restoration works, leading to lasting damage, mould and the potential for structural damage. Soft furnishings such as carpets and sofas will absorb moisture and stay damp for a considerable amount of time. Therefore the removal of these items as quickly as possible after flooding is essential. If you are likely to submit an insurance claim, please check with the insurance company before taking any action such as removing furniture prematurely before a representative has attended your home, as failure to do so may cause problems with your claim.

Our restoration service is professional, reliable and personal. Other services we offer also include Leak Detection ServicesDamp InvestigationsFire Restoration and Specialist Drying.

Different types of water damage classifications:

  • Clean Water

    Water damage from clean water is typically caused by burst or leaking pipework or if a tap has been left on inside the house, causing flooding.

  • Grey Water

    This classification can be caused by malfunctioning appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. In some cases it can be caused by fish tanks. Grey water will have either micro-organisms, contaminants or detergents.

  • Black Water

    Can pose a serious health threat and will have severe levels of contaminant that are often found in sewage water and river water.

Classifications can change due to the amount of time that the water has resided in the property.

If you would like more information regarding our Flood Restoration service please get in touch with our expert team today.

How we can help

Our priority will be to assess your home in line with health & safety requirements and to make sure that the area is safe for you.

We will take a methodical approach and will look to minimize the extent of the water damage to your home. Secondary damage such as mould can be a by-product of water damage and we will take the appropriate actions to stop this from happening.

Our technicians have an extensive range of drying equipment at their disposal and will take the most appropriate and effective methods to dry your property. All our efforts will be on mould preventatives, making your home dry to the levels it was before the incident.

All the decisions we make are based on minimising the impact on you the occupant’s lives. We understand that a home suffering water damage can be stressful and hence is why we are committed to restoring the affected areas as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Each deployment decision will include the materials affected, the living conditions of the insured and business continuity of the commercial outlet. Electrical power will also be considered with remote operations being utilised where required.

All water damage claims that have undergone a drying regime will result in a formal Drying Report being issued that will detail the readings taken to confirm the pre-incident level of dryness has been achieved.

We always learn the affected structure type, what and where is damaged, how it is used on a daily basis and how you can continue your everyday lives. Following this, we then look to implement the above to uphold the desire for a speedy resolution.

  • Reducing the trauma for you and your family with caring, professional staff.
  • Minimising disruption to daily lives with an organised and logical approach.
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Flood Damage Restoration
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