Damp Specialists Liverpool

Damp & Condensation Specialists Liverpool

At Cornerstone, we are a dedicated team of local damp specialists in Liverpool. We undertake comprehensive investigations and advise reliable solutions for you. We always go in with a fact-based approach and ensure you get the best quality service and treatment. We assess the problem with an extensive evaluation of the internal and external elevations, moisture generation elements and the installed ventilation measures that serve to control the internal atmospheric conditions. Our specialists work on par with you to ensure you understand where the problem is coming from.

We have a wide range of clients from private homeowners, tenants and landlords all seeking a reliable report from trade specialists at a reasonable price. We always give information on the causes of damp, condensation and mould in the property.

Property Damp Services in Liverpool

Our Liverpool specialists are dedicated to providing comprehensive services. We have over three decades of combined experience in diagnosing condensation, damp and mould. We go into our investigation with detail and vigour. We undertake a moisture profile of the structure, thermal imagery, salts analysis, gravimetric testing and where necessary, invasive checks to confirm the integrity of the structure.

We also conduct remote humidity monitoring to gain extensive data of the dwelling that can be aligned to the reported issue.

At Cornerstone, we understand that this sort of thing can be distressing. Our friendly team consistently ensure they keep you informed during all aspects of the investigation. We work efficiently to make sure you can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Suffering from property damp in Liverpool?

Standard activities like cooking, showering and drying clothes can all create high levels of moisture in your property. Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cold surface. The air is unable to hold the same amount of moisture, so is released onto the surface leaving it wet.

Mould needs a food source which can be common household materials like wallpaper, plasterboard, paint, some carpets, wood fabrics and other organic materials.

It’s a common misconception that mould needs darkness to grow. However, it is common in dark places like behind the wardrobe. It takes between 4-12 hours to begin the germination process and after this, it can take time for the mould to actually develop and create spores. It can take several days or 2 weeks to fully mature, depending on the mould type. It can leave an unpleasant smell and black spores. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our damp specialists in Liverpool today.

Introducing Calculation Apps.

With a proven track record of undertaking credible fact based damp related surveys for a host of clients from NHBC, to social housing to private individuals all looking for a clear and concise outcome to a reported problem, Cornerstone have consolidated their knowledge base and released three new app designs.

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