Andrew Dallen

Independent Expert Level Structural Health Consultancy Services

Our Specialist Structural Health Consultancy Service led by our “Technical Director” Andrew Dallen offers a unique independent analysis and guidance of structural issues including:

  • Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 – Structural Health Assessments
  • Periodic Structural Variation and Geographical Behaviour
  • Invasive and non-invasive Structural Assessments
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis
  • Independent Technical Advice
  • Leak Detection and Flat Roof Membrane Testing
  • Structural Permeability Assessments
  • Condensation and Mould Behavioral Advice
  • CPD Accredited Trainer for Damp, Condensation and Mould Management
  • IoT Sensor Data Assessments and Interpretation
  • Independent Expert Witness

Andrew Dallen IICRC, BDMATech, Dewpoint, CSTDB, IOSH, AMCABE

With a background in Engineering and Construction, Andrew Dallen has attained over 17 years extensive knowledge in both the disaster restoration and damp remediation industries. A certified Technician in both fields, Andrew is also a sought after CPD accredited trainer and consultant specializing in the surveying and understanding of moisture related issues affecting structures. Cornerstone consequently provides a wide range of moisture related diagnostic services to a host of clients, including Insurers, New Build Warranty Providers, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, and Independent Chartered Surveyors to name a few.

A certified surveyor with proven experience identifying and understanding damp related issues in structures, Andrew has consistently demonstrated a level of expertise that is sought by a host of interested parties requiring a credible fact-based conclusion to property related issues. He has been significant in creating key online Applications for active clients looking for a hands-on approach to managing structural conditions.

He is a certified CSTDB surveyor and CPD accredited trainer and consultant specializing in the delivery of subject matter aligned to the surveying and understanding of damp, condensation and mould plus, the clear understanding and interpretation of industry standard surveying equipment.

His proven background and knowledge delivery resulted in one Housing Association achieving a unique regional Award for empowering their surveying staff to undertake their own damp related structural surveys which subsequently returned significant quantifiable and ongoing cost savings for managing their housing stock.


For further information, please contact:

Andrew Dallen IICRC, BDMATech, Dewpoint, CSTDB, IOSH, AMCABE

Technical Director

Mobile: 07545273450


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