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Restoration & damage mitigation experts with more than three decades of experience.

About Cornerstone

Cornerstone are enhancing change within the property damage management industry by developing restorative know-how and a Best Practice consistent approach to affected structures. Through clear and concise factual reporting data, historical buildings, sensitive materials, cutting edge and innovative constructions, continued occupation and business disruption are some of the challenges Cornerstone has overcome to ensure deliverable solutions.

Adopting a myriad of advanced equipment and technical know-how to achieve a credible reporting outcome, our multi-disciplined approach enables us to perform the duties of a professional service supplier providing competent solutions for an array of industry sectors from typically Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters, Warranty Providers and Surveyors to Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

As restoration experts with more than three decades of experience in damage mitigation and identifying causes of damp & condensation, the transparent reporting provision embodies value for money and clearly demonstrates knowledge, a thorough approach and resultant intelligent advice. Our remit follows a path of minimising the impact property damage has on home and business owners and is upheld by a logical and sequential approach to our reporting detail which guarantees a uniform process for identifying affected materials and the most appropriate restorative and remedial outcomes.

As an innovative forward thinking company, we have embraced technology to develop and deliver unique reporting protocols and measuring and monitoring equipment. Such an approach serves to reduce incident timescales and return quantifiable cost savings for both clients and customers.

With a dedicated client manager for each claim, Cornerstone’s process incorporates front-end client, customer or property owner interaction to confirm loss identification, any consequential health & safety issues and agreed channels of communication to ensure all interested parties are kept informed during our involvement with the reported incident.

Our range of services include Flood Restoration, Fire Restoration, Leak Detection, Damp Investigation, Specialist Drying and Training.

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Damage Inspection

Damage Inspection

Cornerstone Damage Reporting

Cornerstone Damage Reporting

Multi-disciplined Approach

For properties developing building faults or damp issues, Cornerstone can investigate and deliver a competent solution.

Where building faults have occurred, properties are often restored using a number of contractors. When further problems develop after a period of time however, the contractors are called in once again to resolve the additional faults.

Through a maintained network of approved multi-disciplined professionals including Chartered Surveyors and Structural & Service Engineers working alongside our in-house loss mitigation and property restoration specialists, Cornerstone produces an expedient and successful query resolution to each enquiry received. This unique all-embracing approach eliminates the client requirement to contact each individual contractor in search of a cause and rectification.

From the time of instruction, our internal systems will identify the pertinent professional service or services required to produce a credible input to the investigation. A timely reporting mechanism clearly identifying a conclusion with coherent recommendations is submitted to the client at a pre-agreed fixed cost – a one- stop-shop solution!

  • Leak Detection
  • Trace and Access
  • Moisture Surveys
  • Structural Surveys

This unique approach places Cornerstone as leaders in damp solutions. Visit our Testimonials page to find out how Cornerstone have worked with and helped household-known clients.

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